I had never quite believed in counselling having had a lukewarm experience for six weeks some years ago, but in spring of this year necessity outweighed belief and I found myself looking for help.  Being far from my best and lacking in confidence I wanted someone local and after reading many profiles selected Anita who looked nice, had the correct qualifications and, if nothing else, was not far from where I lived. 

Firstly, to those who do not think counselling is any good, then you may not have found the right counsellor for you.  I can only speak for myself but for me Anita has been the confidant and support I have been looking for, giving me a quiet space to unburden and discuss my emotions and challenges which had become far too heavy to carry alone.  Through many emotionally charged sessions, Anita has been the voice of reason, compassion, and questioning.  She has allowed me to look at myself, and delicately helped me to unpick and understand parts of my life that I have been conflicted with probably, without realising it, for most of my adult life.  She has gently challenged some of my negative thoughts to allow me to become more enabled and more confident with choices and decisions.  Fundamentally, I have regained a level of confidence and peace that I have not had for a long time.  I did waver recently but after seeing Anita, I can once again move forward. 

I cannot offer anything in return save a huge thank you for all that she has given me so far, even knowing that this is probably not the end of my journey just yet. 


T from Ringmer

"I have just finished my course of counselling/psycho therapy and I can honestly say it's been the most useful thing I've ever spent money on!
I chose Anita because she opened a clinic in my village and, with so many therapists to choose from, I couldn't think of any better way to
make the decision. I went because I was angry; my anger was coming out directed at my children, the very people I least wanted to be angry with
in the world. I went because I wasn't living the sort of life I wanted to be living, because I couldn't keep up with everything, because I felt
aggrieved at what was going on in my life. I didn't really know who 'me' was anymore.

Anita helped me see what was going on underneath all those feelings. I felt safe, I felt listened to and I felt accepted. Anita's integrative way of working flows easily and she was able to help me make sense of what had become a jumbled up mess of emotions. She is professional, clear and compassionate. I feel I couldn't have been more fortunate in my choice of therapist and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make a change in their lives".



C from Brighton

"When I first met Anita I was in a very dark and frightening place in my life, trying to come to terms with  bereavement and feelings of extreme anxiety. Anita helped me to recognise the cause of my anxieties and gave me the confidence to talk about my feelings of loss. I have been on a journey of discovery and with Anita's support have managed to reach a much better place in my life and she has helped me to equip myself with strategies to deal with whatever life may present in the future".