NeuroDiverse Support Work


There are many ways in which I can provide therapeutic support to this client group and my work to date includes:

  • Assisting organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Goal recognition and setting
  • Self-exploration (thoughts, emotions, behaviour and sensations)
  • Identifying needs
  • Exploration of existing and new resources
  • Implementation of realistic coping strategies that can then support and assist:
    • Productivity
    • Motivation
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-exploration and much more.


Also by recognising achievements, processes and progress the re-framing of existing belief systems can be achieved so a more rational, empowering, sustainable and grounded, in the here-and-now experience becomes available.

Hence self-regulation can be a vital and empowering element of this work. Clients have reported it helps to maintain a greater level of self-awareness both psychologically and physically, and it can foster a greater sense of general well-being.


It is important to me that you work with a Support Worker that is right for you; one you feel comfortable with and that will hear and understand you. Therefore I offer a "no obligation" first session giving us the opportunity to discuss your reasons for seeking a Neurodiverse Support Worker and what you hope to gain from it.  All your questions are welcome.

No-Obligation Initial Consultation (50 Minutes)  - £40

All Support Sessions thereafter (50 Minutes)  - £45

This also includes working with the significant others of NeuroDiversity both therapeutically and practically.


NeuroDiverse support session locations include - Addlestone - Weybridge - Woking and surrounding areas