Counselling and Psychotherapy


"Are types of talking therapy's that can provide a person with a private, confidential and dependable therapeutic space to talk about their problems and feelings.  Its aim is to help a person experience change by exploring and dealing with these overwhelming issues that may be causing them emotional and psychological pain and conflict".


When is therapy right for you?............

Whenever you feel it is right for you.  

Some people come to therapy with a specific issue or concern and exploring this within a therapeutic relationship can enable them to experience insight, awareness, empowerment and a sense of understanding and acceptance of themselves.  This could also then lead to the exploration of other past or present events and experiences.  

You may also come to therapy because you feel and believe you are not living the life you want and need to live.  Thus seek help and support in unravelling and exploring your feelings and behaviour from within a confidential, non-judgemental, unconditional, respectful, consistent safe space.  

Equally, you may feel you want and need to make lifestyle or relationship changes and/or that you need and want to find a more comfortable way of being with and understanding yourself, both emotionally and behaviourally.

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, your experiences of it and the therapeutic relationship will be ones of support and compassion throughout your journey of self-exploration as we nurture the growth of a deeper sense of your self-acceptance and awareness, empathic understanding, self-confidence, empowerment and esteem and much more. 



Your experiences of change, empowerment and growth will then support you as you move forward into a life you want to live.


How many sessions will you need?...........

That depends on you because ultimately the decision is yours.  We can, in our first initial consultation explore this, with the aim being to agree on an initial set number of sessions which can be reviewed at any time.

I offer both short-term and long-term therapy - Day and Evening sessions. 

Short-term being from 6 - 12 weekly sessions and long-term being 12 sessions plus.  

Each session lasts 50 minutes, at the same time, location and day of the week.  

However long your therapeutic journey maybe we will always review it as we go, which of course can be driven by you the client.



It is important to me that you work with a Therapist that is right for you; one you feel comfortable with and that will hear and understand you. Therefore I offer a "no-obligation" first session, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and, us the opportunity to discuss your reasons for seeking out therapy and maybe what you hope to gain from it.

No-Obligation  Initial Consultation (50 Minute) Session - £45 

Counselling/Psychotherapy (50 Minute) Sessions - £45


Counselling and Psychotherapy appointments are available

Addlestone - Weybridge - Woking and surrounding areas